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A Dedication

A story of frustration and struggle, of compassion and forgiveness, and ultimately of awakening to life's possibilities.

How do the stumbling blocks of adolescence become stepping stones to maturity?  What can heal thirty-year wounds?  The answers are revealed when the journeys of a rebellious teenager and a retired Marine sergeant collide.

Quinn Marshall is an intelligent yet underachieving teenager who resents anything hinting at authority.  His finely honed "whatever" attitude is humorously cynical, insightful, and completely self-absorbed.  But when the conflicts of day-to-day life escalate, Quinn responds with a decision that changes his life forever.

Joe Toscano is a modern-day Renaissance man.  A retired Marine who fought in Korea and Vietnam, he's become an enthusiastic artist and perpetual student at the University of Colorado.  During an encounter with Quinn, Joe recognizes both undeveloped potential and destructive behavior, and decides to get involved.  As his straightforward manner and nonjudgmental approach crack Quinn's hardened defenses, a friendship develops shaped by listening, and laughter, and life.

But Joe's relaxed approach masks a shattered past, positioning Quinn as a final chance for redemption.

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